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My Best Two Poems What Took Two Hours Each To Write

Wrote this poem about freinds and how i see freindship

Friends: the memories of the past

Friends turned unknown, Form abandoned sides

Forever changing world explored, ageing over time

Grown into old, still togetherness existed in mind

An experienced past dreamt, peaceful thought repeated

Memories unfolded, drained happiness once foretold

Danced by riversides, golden fields explored, knee high grass

Brushed against skins, absorbed summers air breathed in.

Preyed on souls, laid bounded, grass tangled flesh

Sprinkled dust, thickened air, sounded alert

Footstep soon heard crushed particles to soiled earth.

The game, Hide and seek, a childhood joy

Wondering hands, scratched skin, Blooded bladed grass

Touched lump, hidden away, covered in blankets

Made of nature, brought to life by a child’s mind.

Awoken wide-eyed, memory emptied away

Sweat covered face, lasted evidence, dried

Dreamt world died a forever-ended game.

Past life vanished, present day remains

Death of childhood friends, reconnected

Thoughts cry tears, the grief submerged.

Closed eyed body, Drowned By Flooded memories

Rots to dusted air, at last set free from this earth

Swarmed essence, breezed to heavens gate.

Wrote this to say this is what a poet can do if he wanted

If I Were A Poet

If I were a poet, written thoughts of you

Flowed from pen, red blood ink touched paper

Worlds burst upon pages imaginary delusions.

Wing-breasted angels, downwards looking heavenly eyes

Locked on two shadowy figures, exposed darkness broke

Moonlight attacked cover, rose crumpled brushes

A soiled ground discovered, a night a passion uncovered.

Illusion Dreamt faded, Tears smudge inked pages

World of fantasy written, thoughts of you not spoken

False memory opened, drained dry of all emotion.

Affect mind, infected diseased feverish thoughts of you

Worsened by days, till the point I break, tears emptied

Moment heart Awoken to lies, stopped loving you

Broken prison scattered parts, corroded fever ended

Breathed air, flowed through veins, freedom spoken

Memories deleted, erased, emptied thoughts of you

Dust held in hands, a last goodbye spoken, image

Flickered memorises released, one last grasp at dreams

Only dreams held me, There stayed by my side

You’d make me smile now saddened face

But dreamt lies, don’t hold real you

No taste of lips, no real skin exists

All I touched, dust that drained through grip

The place I dreamt and lost

Wondered if you dreamt a place

Where my fake self walked

And made passionate love under covered dark

The ink flowed dried, the false memory ended

Piled up pens, littered desk, Each contained a memory from mind

And if I could of spared, a pen, Id write that memory over again…