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Ally's Magical Poems

Hope you like Her Poems Because i know i did


As the rain pours down in it's seventh hour
The ground seems unable to take anymore
As huge puddles of water lap around the garden.
This coldness, for the time of year, is alien,
The grey sky betrays the summer month,
And I find myself drawing eerie parallels
Between the weather and my mood;
Dark, cold and unforgiving.
If one of us would lighten
Maybe the other would feel inclined to follow suit,
But I know I haven't the inner strength
To drag myself out of this gloom,
And the weather shows no sign of brightening,
So between us, we'll remain in this darkened state,
Until the sunshine breaks through the clouds
And everything is as it should be again.

Loves a Bitch

I wish I didn't love you,
I wish I could just walk away,
Or flick a switch
And turn off all the feelings I have for you.
I wish I could erase you
From my mind and my heart
Forgetting all I know of you
Destroying all the torturous moments
I put myself through;
All the imagined scenarios
And fantasies of happy endings.
Your presence is like a cancer within me
Gnawing away at my whole existance,
And with or without you
I'm doomed,
Because I'll never have you,
Not really
Not completely
Not ever.


A breeder of mistrust and lover of pain
A robber of sanity when I was sane
A beholder of misery when there's no gain
A sayer of sorry again and again
And through it all you showed no shame.
A taker of life and passion from me
A giver of love but never for free
A bringer of grief for eternity
This is all you ever were to me
But you showed your true colours...

Get Over It

You open your mouth
And your voice strips my skin,
Every word that you utter
Makes my flesh creep within,
I abhor you entirely
Your touch leaves me cold,
You're a noose round my neck
And a story retold,
I thought when you'd gone
I'd be free from your will,
But it seems even now
You are haunting me still,
Wherever I go
There is no place to hide,
Wish and hope all you want
I won't be by your side...
Not again,
Not this time.


Death is the final leveller
The one event that makes us all completely equal.
No matter what life you've lived,
Despite your wealth and grandeur,
Inspite of your destitution and failings,
Death comes to us all.
It can take rich men as violently as poor
It can take evil men as peacefully as good,
It's just death
We live and then we die,
There's no discrimination.



Wanna See More OF her Work yes? ok then!


The cloaked figure heaves his tired frame across the plain,
His eyes narrow as he collects his thoughts,
The inner pain is evident on his weathered features
As he looks upon his creation, and the truth becomes apparent.
He sees his errors
But he's lost the power to right his wrongs,
He sees the hate and desctruction he's caused
But he's lost the will to summon any effort to change anything.
No more will he strive for perfection.
No more will he carry this burden of guilt.
He traces a bony finger slowly across the cracked exterior of this once vibrant land
And sighing heavily, turns his back on this world forever.
Drifting off into the cosmos to find a new world,
To start from scratch,
To form a new beginning.


Blinded by
What isn't there,
I look within
And find it bare,
I plead with you
But you just stare..
And ask if you're forgiven.
Tormented by
What you don't say,
I've tried so hard
In every way,
You seem to hate me
More each day..
You've lied from the beginning.


Through misty eyes like frosted glass
I still see the shadows of the past,
Sweet images of your caress
With time become more strong, not less,
I ache to feel your warm embrace
To feel your breath upon my face,
Through painful seconds of each day
I imagine moments where we lay
Wrapped in each others arms again,
When being in love causes no pain
When you whisper softly in my ear
And tell me what I long to hear,
But those days are gone, or never were
That happiness wasn't ours to share,
Tears wet my face like a sea drenched shore
For you my love, my evermore.

Wanna See More IM LOOKING!

A Dedication
When I was a little girl
You cherished me,
We baked and sewed and picked flowers.
You were so full of life
With your curly hair and your rosy cheeks
And that sweet smell of lavender and biscuits.
You wowed me with stories of when you were young,
You let me eat far too many sweets,
Let me stay up late when I stayed over,
You lavished me with love and attention...
You were my perfect Grandma.
Now here you lie
In your hospital bed,
A tiny, fragile shell
Toothless, mindless, lifeless,
A shadow of your former self
Waiting for death to finally take you..
You're still my perfect Grandma,
And in my heart you always will be.

Allys Notes
I know I said I probably wouldn't be posting here anymore, but I wanted to share this dedication to my grandma. I wrote this after visiting her at the nursing home...she died shortly afterwards.

You took from me
What I thought would always be mine,
The one thing you should never have.
You invaded my heart
And haunted my mind,
Helping me to reinvent my future.
I never wanted anything
And that's exactly what you gave me,
I'd be lying if I claimed i'd expected anything more,
You always lived up to my expectations
By constantly disappointing me.
You took my dreams,
But i'll never forget...
I'd never want to


Something died today,
It'd been hanging on for a while
Waiting for a reason to live
Waiting for a sign for it to spring back to life.
But today it gave up,
Realising there was no point...
Things come to an end.
R.I.P my hope.


In the short time I was with you
You brought me so much pain,
You made me feel so worthless
I thought I'd never be happy again,
But you pushed me to my limits
Self preservation took a hold,
I knew that if I stayed with you
I'd be dead before I was old,
The bruises healed years ago
But the fear remained the same,
I'd tremble if I saw you
I'd shake if I heard your name,
The evil bitch inside me..
In a place I keep well hid,
Wanted to punish you and make you pay
For all those cruel things you did,
But now you're paying for it tenfold
You're a bitter and twisted man,
And the best punishment I can give you
Is to be as happy as I can.

SunShine Kisses

Everything seems empty
My life feels sad and blue,
Even the sky is black and grey
And...great! It's raining too.
Then you come into the room
And rain sunshine kisses on my face,
Your laughter warms my heart
And it all falls into place.
You're the meaning of my life
Full of so many joys,
With your unconditional love
You 2, my beautiful boys.

I am

I am weak
And through my weakness I crave acceptance,
I am shameless and wanton
And I desire fulfillment.
This self assured exterior
Is a mask I wear through fear
To hide my sins..
My regrets..
The mistakes I've made beyond my wildest nightmares.
But I'm not shrouded in mystery
I'm not hungry for pain
I'm not entirely selfless
Nor unique.
I'm just me..
And everything I am,
And within,
Is no better
Nor worse
Than you.


Sorry for having an opinion
And for caring what you think,
Sorry for letting what you say hurt me
And for the depths to which you sink,
Sorry for ever trusting you
And for believing that you cared,
Sorry that this is goodbye
And for the days we never shared.


The fear builds up inside me
As the tears well up in my eyes.
Angry frustration threatens to destroy me
And I long, this time?
In my cold and empty bed,
Laying in the darkness
Staring out at nothing,
The desolation and futility pierce my being
As painfully as a knife.
I have my dreams, my aspirations
But in this state of mind
They're as useless as I feel.
I don't want to wallow in self pity,
And I would never ask for yours.
So I lie here in my darkness
Looking for answers,
Not even knowing the questions,
And eventually i'll drift off,
From one level of consciousness into another,
From one nightmare state into another,
From one day into....

Living A Lie

I woke up this morning
With a hole in my life
And an ache in my heart.
Guilt is my constant enemy,
Preying on my mind
Finding new ways to torment me
To make me feel unworthy.
What i'm doing's wrong
..I know that..
But i'm making three people happy
And both of them,
But i'm always lonely
I always miss one of them
I always love both of them
And i'm always betraying all of us.
The say the truth hurts,
Not so, not always.
Not telling the truth,
Not being able to tell the truth
Is hurting me beyond belief


I look at you incredulously,
Wiping blood from my lip.
What do you mean you love me!
I accept your apology gracefully
Not wanting to 'spoil' the moment.
I feel like a piece of paper....
You crumpled me with one hand.


In my tightly clenched fist

I hold a million grains of sand,

Each one completely different to the others.

Slowly, one by one, they start to fall through my fingers,

Slipping away like passing moments,

Gone from me, but always somewhere.


The complete injustice of a life so unfair
Drags me down deeper into despair,
Things that were never meant to be,
Things I can't blame on anyone but me,
Foolish vanity, unspoken pride
Now cut me deeper and painfully inside,
Yesterday I had everything
Today I have nothing.



Shes Got More i just got Run out of Time