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Poetry Of 4th Year

Heres The Final Page Till New Poems Come To me Enjoy

Sea Of Mind

Watch the waves, move back and forth
There you will see, the dreams that you hold
A sea full of thoughts, forever flowing
Spread out wide, too many journeys hidden

Staring into the depth, getting closer to secrets
Unleashing your heart, giving you sweet emotions
Floating on the surface, drifting far away
Taking a voyage, to places unexplored deep inside

This path you flow, uncharted unknown
Living your life, taking life as it comes
Learning for lessons, taught by mistakes
Heading to the end, getting know along the way

Finding true love, a New River joining your sea
Linked together, forever given a place
Even when the river dies, still they’re in place of mind
Trapped forever in that place, till the end of my days

New rivers form, as friendships grow
Many lifes, joined together in this sea of my own
Never moving, given a place
Locked into the sea of my mind, forever till I die

Time Changes New Things Come

Times change
Old things go
New things come
That’s the way it goes

But you’re still here
By my side
So let’s stay together
For all of time

The world is changing
All around me
I been pushed forward
To places I don’t know

Please don’t leave me
All alone
I need you here
To keep me warm

But times change
Old things go
New things come
That’s the way it goes

One day you’ll leave my side
As I cry under moonlit skies
But in heaven you’ll wait for me
Till the day I die

I don’t need future
I don’t need past
All I need is to hold you in my arm

But times change
Old things go
New things come
That’s the way it goes

The future is a path
I don’t really know
But I’ll walk it
To see where it goes

You’ll stay in my heart
For all time
This changing world
Can’t take your love from my side

And in heaven you’ll wait for me
Till the day I die
And my souls set free

We will merge into one
Our love will grow
Till it’s reached it’s full

Times change
Old things go
New things come
That’s the way it goes

All the paths into the future
Lead to my death
And my happiness
As I take your side again

In heavens in the gardens of love
Where angels sing
And god watches over us

Enjoying immortal time together
Till the end of this world
I’ll hold you in my arms
And show my love

Moonlight Dance

Laid upon sweet crushed roses
Beneath moonlit skies
Drenched red skin smeared
Love attack attached to heart
Feelings exposed to surfaces
Midnight dance performed
Two lovers’ togetherness formed

Souls join

Mysteries unravelled, truths released
Hearts ponder in disbelieve
Flying high in silky clouds above
Going to heaven on wings of love

Pulling closer, both hearts meet
Souls are merging lets be complete
Love is coming along the way
Taking me higher paradise waits

Angels sing their heavenly songs
As we dance all night long
Lips pressed tight lost in thought
Stood here under moonlit sun

Days go by and more do come
Our love grows strong
Bonding us closer together
Locking our souls as one

True love discovered within this place
A distance land no one can erase
Brought to this world by two souls
Wanting to join and die whole

Heart bleeds For You

The darkness surrounds
Closing in, choking within
Soon saved by your arms
Pulled to heavenly grounds

There you stand, held in my arms
Lips pressed tight, against mine
Togetherness found, love explored
Two souls merged, peace all around

Soon falling down, into the ground
Slipping from your grip
Hurtness within, pain flowing over sins
Words dragging me down
My heart bleeding tears of blood
Crying over been used and abused

But I need you to keep me going on
My heart needed growing strong
Finding strength to carry on
Till Im able to move forth to another one


Hope your Enjoying Reading these :)


I drift into the fool's paradise
Taken afar, to places where fantasy breathes.

Eyes unused in reality open, stepping into
Fairy stories of the mind, where memories replay
Drawing me back to the days, of happiness missed
Changing the unalterable to what could have been.

Darkness Fakeness Reality Found
Awoken dreams, invaded thoughts
Lost loved ones, brought forth
Fantasy places, created in mind
Unwalked plains travelled inside.

Forests of memories explored
Leaves blown, each memory falls
Unlocked secrets, scattered on floor
Hidden truths given to the beholder
His existence depends on these answers.

Scattered colours formed to one
Now stood beauty, true lost love
Trapped in this world till dawn
Waiting sunlight to break through these walls.

Embraced togetherness, tender so warm
A kiss soon unfelt, Faded memory
Turned to the next as a tear leaked out
Fallen to knees, crazed in this dream

Wanting escape to real not fake
Haunted by the faces of past
Covered in fear from pain once had
Brought back by the memories

Sunlight dissolves the world dreamt
Colours fade to dust, finally escaped
Bedroom appears, wiped tears gone away
Ready to face another real day
All but A Dream
Lost in the dreams, taken away from reality
Not knowing where you’ll end up
Not knowing why you were ever there
Afraid alone, tears will fall on waves of colours
Flowing in the dream worlds stream
Creating the images of past experiences had
Endless possibilities, endless journeys to travel on
Sat alone waiting for some emotion to show
To take you away from the problems of today
As you call out into this forever lasting distance land
While examining your minds hidden pieces
Soon finding the unknown changes to places seen
Just old memories tuned into the stream
Forgetting the truth, it is all but a dream
Voyager Of Mind
You walk through thoughts
Voyager of my mind
Your footsteps imprinting memories
A beautiful scent left to linger behind

Words of love spoken long ago
Trapped in those now buried memories
Only awoken in depressive times
Releasing all the feelings hidden inside

Draining all the sorrow and sadness away
Filling my heart with a love once had
Taken back to the memories of happiness
Banishing depressive thoughts from mind

Further into these memories I go
Taken higher than heaven
Moonlight, stars and the sun
Into the paradise for me
And my one true love

An beautiful place where angels would stray
To sing their angelic songs
As id find you in the rose gardens
Where we’d walk hand in hand

And all the troubles of the world
Would turn to dust and blow away
Into the future of my days
And this dream would remain

Till the morning light shines through
Awakening me from fantasy
Destroying the world within
Till the days Id need the memories again

I dream of you
While morning light sleeps
Trapped in the memories of past
Held together by the love we had

Awoken still thoughts remain
Carried throughout my days
Pushing me into the future
Instand of heavens gates

Where one day we will join
And my promise to you
Will have been answered
Forever remaining in your arms

Till the day my promise is granted
Ill remain till last breath is spoken
Fighting the long road of life
With only thoughts of you to guide


Did i hear MORE?


Within forests of magical fantasies
Hidden in the depths of darkness
Through trees of protection
Sheltered under stars of youth
Ancient elves dwell
Gathered in mists of eternity

Their tongues speak words of wisdom
Shadowed with an inner beauty
And elvish eyes laced
With memories of those
Who gaze upon elven kind

Trapping souls forever in plains of mystery
Where elvish wisdom speaks
Smoothing the minds of those who listen
Cormamin niuve tenna’ elea lle au’
(My heart shall weep until it sees thee again)

Giving them hope to return one day
To the place where fantasies awaits
And the elven females send a kiss
To lips of slowly dying minds
Awakening healing powers within
Longing mortal souls to live on

Till the days when tired hearts turn breathless
And bodies turn to dust scattering dreams,
Thoughts, memories into unborn children
Bringing forth their birth of knowledge
Within containing spoken elvish words of wisdom

Oh Lady

Call my name oh lady
At the lasting hour of your time
And I shall ride forth to thee
Defeating all the enemies in sight
While id try to save one’s life

Yet if I fall within the battle
Leafs would follow me down
Returning to grounds

Taking me on my last journey
Through memories of old
You’d appear to me once more

Laid in my arms
Under stars of dead kings
Within the forest

Beautiful roses would blossom
As you would give one last kiss
To my dying lips gone cold
Forging your soul to my heart forever more

Then ones grip would fail
As Id return to the rivers
Flowing me to the other world

But do not shed a tear
Do not cry
For my lady it was nor your hour
Or time but mine…

No Title

Listen to the distant seas
upon those waves my heart calls to thee
my soul a lost voyager
journeying only through memories

Finding you again in my arms
and the words once spoken to you
“I love you too”
written within my heart

Then you’d fade from my grasp
just a memory hidden in my past
wishing one day you’d journey to me
and make the future a shared love we have
instand of a future of a love we had


Forests of beautiful flowers, skies of heavenly blue
Take one step forward beyond the trees of old
And clouds will follow as your journey begins

The call of home grows stronger
As each step home grows longer
Yet hope draws you onwards
Taking you further and further away

Through mountains you’ll travel
And across the cities of men
You will travel onwards
till you reach the end

Yet if you turned around
And begun the journey home
All your dreams you’ve ever had
Will turn to ashes and scatter the lands
Lost forever amongst the memories of the dead

And darkness would flood the world
Your home will be nomore
So onwards you must travel
And cast the ring back
Into the fires from which it came

Then light will shine again
Through the hearts and souls
Of every race on earth
Rejoined together the peace
Of middle-earth again
Room Of Memories
Today you told me “I’m leaving” was pushed away those words burnt, you where a disease to me.
Straying to a corner you wrapped yourself in blankets of comfort, diving from reality into dreams escaping from the hatred.

You spent your last moments alone whilst I spent mine watching you from afar though praying you never noticed.
Across the room you were stood near the windowsill still deep in thoughts.
I stared at your reflection, were those real tears or raindrops from outside that rolled down your cheeks.

Soon attention was drawn to my own thoughts aged memories from our past began to play.
Many picture and images created a tapestry of my mind.
Never noticed as you moved, almost tiptoed to the door making no sound.
But I was lost in a thousand dreams shifting from memory to memory.

A rose petal fell upon my face, fresh aroma of romance upon my lips memories had taken me back to the place we merged.
On that night I asked you to marry me thought that meant we’d be together always.
You said yes we took those vow’s yet broke my trust slept around instead of being with me on our wedding night you were with someone else as I lay alone in bed.

I awoke looked back into the room you where nowhere to be seen you left me all alone.
So closed the door locked our memories inside all that remained was a silver-gold ring.
a Thousand Dreams
I know that your hurting now
Those tears can’t hide your lies
Really you needed me
But truth was hard to find.

You acted so distantly
Turned around, walked away
Spent your last moments alone
Running back through memories.

Still a thousand dreams
Fall back through the ages
On angel wings passing over the tides
Back to the thousand tears you’ve cried.

We were always together then
Never thought you’d be further away
From afar you fought your battles
Instead of here with me that day

I know you’ll come back to me
Walk into open arms holding onto memories
And a thousand tears you’ve cried
Will turn into those thousand dreams inside.

Thinking back over the years the times
Wishing words had been better spoken
Instead of our hearts taken
Watch these tears fall from my eyes.

At the end of our dreams we’ll meet
Once more you’ll be in my arms again
Bullets ripping through our souls
Not even death could bring us down.

A thousand years ive searched
After death I never found you
Just holding onto memories
A thousand dreams inside…
Fantasy Or Reality?
Thoughts of a dream travel within my mind
Brought to life by memories saved overtime
You were never really there but in my heart
Created a place a home inside never replaced.

Id lay awake at night under starry skies
Watching your essence flow down the moonlight
Almost like you falling from heaven into my soul
I was once alone, now you’re here with me tonight.

But still just a dream never really here
All but a fantasy real emotion drawing
Me further away from reality
Where the tears I cried travelled.

Yet a question would always remain in mind
What if you were really here with me?
Would my tears fall back into my dreams?

Wishing this fantasy would be a reality
If you were really here with me
My heart would finally be at peace
No more need to travel to my dreams
Reality would be all that I need.
Dreams; Inside Fantasy lies,
Reality on the outside, left behind,
Neither pain nor suffering,
Leaks through the seams, which lay in-between
Sonnet 1
Purest Angel fathers be the stars,
Doth not compare, to thou wonderous eyes,
Brighter than any light, draws my gaze.
Thou crimson lips, so soft, so tenderous,
Like a roses thorn, stung with passion,
Be thou poison upon my lips,
Driving thy to madness with love.
Skin be smoother than silk against one’s fingertips,
No mortal woman should carry such beauty,
Envious be the goddesses of thou beauty you obtain,
Whose days are spent dabbing false beauties upon their face,
Be it not for thy delicate mind beauty would flutter thy insides,
But thy desires an woman that shows no lies, only natural beauty.

Sonnet 2
The swaying moon enchants night to come,
Her light been skies ocean waves,
Falling upon the earth,
Stars be memories of wonderous soul’s,
Drawing mortals gaze towards this beautiful place,
Surrounded with endless clouds,
Atop those clouds are those heavens ground,
My footsteps shall tread upon those clouds,
And the feeling I felt as I stared upon this place,
Shall flow through my veins forever more,
And dreams ive dreamt will be painted within the skies,
Releasing all I were becoming a new born again,
On heavens ground my life shall start over,
And tears that fell will return to me.
You say, “thou tears be a form of weakness”
Be it not the purest of waters poured upon this earth?
Doth thee admit never spilt a drop of emotion
Or are thy emotionless no tears to spare
Even those with no eyes cry in times of need
Leafs fall from trees upon to ground
Shooting stars fall from the skies above
So I say “thou tears be from all of us”.
Through the clouded mist of minds;
Where memories, and thoughts, do hide
A child lays, not yet grown nor wise
Like a caterpillar, waits its time
till lessons are learnt, adulthood’s turn.
a Thought
Sat upon the grassy banks of lost dreams,
Staring into the wonderous eye,
gazing upon the earth at sleep,
Moonlight Taking what cannot be seen,
The darkness emptyiness which our space,
Covering all the beautys of life,
But it is all but a dream With ends,
And all shall return to the start again.
Can't Dream Easy
Cruel to my eyes
See world isn’t right
No feelings inside
You left me tonight
Oh yeah…

Why did you lie?
Walk out of my life?
Took my heart with you
No feelings inside
Oh yeah…

I’m sinking tonight
Drowned in tears
From memories inside
Of you and I
Oh yeah…

Can’t sleep at night
Till you’re here by my side
No can’t sleep at night
Dreams don’t come easy
Oh yeah…

Curse you inside
For tears I’ve cried
Time will heal me inside
I’ll rise above the tide
Oh yeah…

Till another comes along
Shares comfort in my love
Forever she will stay
In my heart till my dying day
Then I’ll dream easy
Oh yeah…
Spread thy wings afar they part over heaven’s gate,
So pure, white, soft like clouds;
Move so gentle without no sound,
Lift me off my feet to journeys start.

Descend upon the earth with truth,
Cry angel tears to those who fall,
Bring love back from hatred souls,
Search for peace we all do hold.

And journeys end you’ll find so near,
As you hear a voice once known,
Before your angel wings did form,
You were human like all you’ve known,
An angel now in heavens world.
Remember you
Remember you, Through different eyes
Finding truth where most lies hide
Walked through dreams, dreams of you
Places tread our memories; I’ve found you.

But memories fade within the light
And you’ll stay locked away inside
Till sleep plays her sweet lullaby
And dreams unfold in the dead of night.

Tears shall fall behind
Stay in reality absorb in the light
You don’t belong to me I belong to you
Can’t open my mind to something new.
Girls im your dream
You’ll enter my heart
You’ll walk through my dreams
And play with my mind
You’re the girl that I need

Oh baby
Clap with me if you see me
Sing to me if your hear me
Come with me if you wanna
Be with me Oh baby

Won’t do everything that you say
Can’t be round nearly everyday
So no point in checking up on me
Cos I don’t play those silly games

Conversation’s all that you need
Conversation’s all that I be
Won’t invite you for a coffee
Unless you wanna really be with me

Repeat chorus

Girl you see I’m new breed
Sensitivity flows through me
My eyes tell all you can’t see
A burning passion for you and me.
For Ally
Warmth held within words
Filled the emptiness of heart
Woven to soul, thoughts of you
Memories held bonds still held.

Reality shown pictures
Beautifully enchanted me
You were the angel above
Sending down comfort and love.

In own special way held you
Within my words too
As you did with yours
Knowing pain and truth.

We both confessed to one another
Friendship formed never forgotten
Years passed both still known.

We talked of old and of new
Always lost in our own little world
Tearing problems from our books
Burning pages within are love
Friends forever the both of us….
Don’t feel alone, afraid, nor unknown
Yet inside my seams of life unravel
Cut loose all in unknown once more
As I fall nothingness invades me

Landing in the shallow pool of truth
Starting anew in the meaninglessness
Lessons shall lead a hand
Caressing whatever I’ve become

Knowledge will overflow my cup
Casting away the old memories
Leaking down the outside walls
Clinging on bits of past remain

This cup shall never be forfilled
For the knowledge is too much in life
And the last drops be of death
The circle of myself coming to an end

Restarting again as a mere shadow in time
Immortally imprinted in my veins
Never ending life the punishment of all
Even in the spirit form shall I be nomore
holding arms with memories
Holding arms with memories can’t let go of you
Heaven danced upon your grave as ground below gave way
And the devil’s violin began to play drawing me further into sorrow

Moonlight reflects my saddened expressions
Swayed to darkness lost in the light of thoughts
Since the day you died been sitting by your graveside
Drinking, many call drowned on the bottom of a bottle.

Came to the place my life came to an end
Call it the empty room of fears, two deaths in one
You may have died alone that day but I tagged along with you.

Why did I revisit that place some may say
with two slit wrists story fell into place
Flashes of you with smiles on your face
Held in my hand a ring with words I never got to say.

Brought back to the light voices of friends spoke
Didn’t they know the white angel wanted me to go?
With her smiles of joy and hope that drew me in
Maybe it wasn’t my time to go time begins again.
Soul are you breathing
Soul, Are you breathing?
Yet still your sleeping
Soul, Are you breathing?
No, Can’t be waking.

Tear a hole through my insides
Come and listen to me
Take this chance in life
Come find what you
Were not meant to see
So, Come and listen to me.

Waking up, Bound to find
The truth you didn’t know lied
These memories you’ll play
That you can’t seem to fight
Go with the pain all shall fade.

Let the living die, Death will survive
Come listen to me, Listen to me!
Come on breath my soul
Do the gods not see it all?
You’re not sleeping anymore
You’re waking breathing
Time to settle the score.
My Time Will Come
Sat alone waiting
my time will come
Exploring all thoughts
Taken to past lifes

One Single memory clear in mind
Not fading like rest from sight
A memory of love once held
Wanting to be last thought
Before my time comes
And angels pull me above

Reasons i wait for death?
Because hearts now dead
Waiting to move on
Leaving dying shell all alone

Be looking down on that girl i loved
Her tears and fears will pass
And the urge will fade to hold me
She'll live on without her romeo
Waking Ages
Fall into eternity
Waking ages passing me
Many faces I have seen
Turn to dust as years drain with time.

Tell a story of places long ago
Listen to my eras I’ve seen raised
And fallen from the passage of new to old.

Walk in my shadows if you will
Make yourself a mere companion of time
Forever turning with the wheel
Till all things made run dry.

Another Place
Met within a world touch could never reach
Passed emotions through words typed out
Spoken words couldn’t tempt us this time
You typed “I love you”
Didn’t I type “I love you too”?
Felt something stir along my streams of feelings
Butterflies escaped their hidden cages
We were in a world of love no-one knew of
But in the end it shattered before us
If it had been another place
Our love would still be going strong
And memories wouldn’t haunt us…