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Poetry Of Third Year

Come into my world and let the world explore you!

Gods Message

In plains of grassy fields
Laid upon the blades filled with life
Each one has feelings
Each one cried

Creatures all around
Stand in grief
Over family’s deaths
Caused by superior beings

Us been the ones
That caused the pain
Yet so weak
Covered with hate

The earth cries in sorrow
As its children destroy one another
The wind that howls
Is the call of pain

Rainfall the tears
Of the earth
The ground soaked in hurt

Sun is the happiness
Buried within
As a birth of new life
Is given a soul to live

This is the great circle of life
Never changing
Allows occurring
No one can alter this
Not even the creator of us…
A Thousand Tears
I cried a thousand tears
They spilt to mother earth
And formed my puddle of hurt

Drained feelings
Finally released
Faded slowly
On the ground beneath my feet

As I stood in the rain
The tears from heaven
Cried for me

I filled with happiness
As this gift
Enlightened me

The tears I cried
Was an end to a memory
A new one Beginning
As I breathed

And as I breathed
I cried again
This time tears of joy
Catching them in my hands

This feelings once again
Wanting it
To never end…

Where Dead Soyls Lie
Trapped in two plains
Dark and light

The dark

Nightmarish hells raised
Dreams scattered with pain
Sounds turn hearts of brave
To dust where fear soon lays
Blood covered walls
Leaks death to air
Rotten corpses litter floors
Evil remains in all these souls
As they live in eternal sadness

The light

Scattered with flowers
Each aroma sweet
Angels flow the sky
Lovers cuddle in arms tight
Peacefulness granted
Heavenly children play in joy
Goodness remains in all these souls
As they live eternal happiness

The light/dark

Granted on these beings
Humans decide fate
Been giving choice at death
Heaven or hell
Depending on there lived lifes
A sinner gone to hell
A prayer floats to heaven
Person that does both
Stays on earth
Waiting for a choice
Heaven or hell
As they live eternal emotionally lifes


Feelings your mind exploring New Plains Yet heres Some More

Greater Things Decide Life

Moonlight, slipped through darkness
Cast to a lake
Near forests of old bury dreams
Forgotten pasts
And futures yet to be seen

Keeled in the dirt
There all alone
Hands and knees
Struck with a coldness

The water
Flowed far and wide
To places unheard of
And unseen
By the naked eye

Grasping a stone
Held in a palm
Throw to watery surface
Skipped along joyfully

Not knowing
Doomed to drown
As it sent out its ripples
Of its last cry of pain

Totally lost
Forgotten to this world
Only remembered
By the one that looked on

A tear cried
Rolling to this lake
Where gathered tears
Travel to a place

Turning the tears
Into new born life
Not wasting a drop
Nor the sadness held inside

Stood to the raising sun
Warmth engulfed this soul
Bringing peace
To this once depressed being

A new day began
This gift from above
Not time to leave this place
To see the heavens above

A question still remains
In this now forgiven mind
When will it end
What be the time

Once held a death
Of a stone in there hands
Will it be the same
When they leave this land

Cast away for fun
By a greater stronger being
Killed by the god
He obeys everyday

Maybe if no sin is done
He’ll survive
Forever immortally
Saved for the loyal ones

Life Returns Another Day

Tears released into the world
Exposed to the air
Taking first breath of freedom
Rolling down cheeks

Falling to their deaths
Lifes short-lived
Still serve the propose
They were created for

Knelt in the dirt
My blood covered hands
Splashed also with tears
Produced by a sadness

A body lay close
A life gone and past
The after remains still shown

The soul inside
Taken away
Flowed to heavens gate
To be returned another day

We ain't done Yet still more pouring towards you

All in All Were All Gonna Die!

Here I stand
All alone
This trigger happy hand
Drawing closer to home

Pressed against memories
The ones filled with pain
The metal is scraping
Along my brain

All in all were all gonna die
No escaping
This constantly flowed truth
That we turn to lies

Im smiling now
As I hold my life
In the palm of my hand
As I look towards the sky

Otherside not knowing
My arrival or time
Just following there plans
They made to are lifes

But here I come
After the bullet
Pieced my skull

A blood covered note
Floats to the floor
“What was this life ever for”


A cigarette pressed between lips
Sucking death within
Fire erupted inside
This smoke clouding my eyes

MY depressive mind
Leaking tears
These tears holding my fears
Fall to mother earth
Causing pain
To the ground beneath
My feet

The wind scattered in ash
Chokes my soul
Dying on this stick I smoke

Pills Take Me Home

Laid upon a bed with wrinkled sheets
Falling into the plains of sleep
Tears rolling down my cheeks
As I lay in my clothes
Dreaming of someone close

Appearing in a place
Far away from where I once lay
In a paradise
Created from my mind

Walking under moonlit sky
Suddenly stopped
Infront of my view
Surround in light
Stood that someone I knew

She passed away a night before
And I cried at her funeral
Travelled home in the dark
Laid on the bed
And fell into dream
And appeared in this place
Infront of the girl my one true love

Heard an ambulance siren echo through this place
This dream began to fade
But she grabbed my hand and made me stay

Laid on the bedside table
Was a bottle of pills
Now scattered on the floor
And a half drunk glass of water
Now soaked into the carpet on the floor

My lifeless shell they tried to revive
But I stayed with her
My one true love
In our own little heaven
Just the two of us…

A Man With Two Blades

He came in the night, and took all the souls
The whisperer of darkness, Caller of angels
Trapped in this world

Two swords, blades were crossed
These deadly weapons, brought to life
Forged on earth, unbreakable steel

He travelled the world searching out all the sinners
His army now grown, Formed over the years

The time as come for the war to begin
The goodness of the world, against all this sin

Who will win in this long awaited war
Will it be the goodness, purest of hearts
Or will it be the sinner, darkest heart of all

Out of the mist came a man with two swords
One blade of goodness, one blade of hatred
His heart good and evil
Whats does this mean to all of these people

He stood on the battle field right in the middle
Held out his blades and shouted
“I am the being that follows no leader
Join me now and ill spare your souls”

All they just laughed and took out there guns
Firing on him left a white cloud of dust
They all waited smoke fading fast
There he stood without a wound

He swords moved so smooth
He cut all the bullets in two
They lay at his feet
As he grinned at the crowd now gathered around
They bowed to his feet and joined both sides
Good and hate combined as one

This man turned to dust
And travelled into each of them
Forming this new race

Many years past
And to this very day
The race now called humans
Don’t know how they were man

Except one boy who wrote this down
His soul been the soul
Of the creator of all

Now this boy shares both hate and happiness
But is lost in the mist
Without the answers to the questions
Now he’s not human
Just a being of the past
Looking for a peace that will never come


Know your dying for more and more So here it is


You took your soul from this plain
Appeared in the skies above
Left me with your lifeless shell

As I kneel on the floor
Stared at your lifeless eyes
They told me that you’d left my side

Learning all about my life
By looking in those eyes
They took me back to past memories

They you appeared next to me
Trying your best to get my notice
But I ignored your pleads of loneliness

If only I had just listened
Instand of ignoring you
Maybe you’d still be here
Instand of in heaven

I took the knife from your hand
And place it in my heart
I fell next to your side
And followed you up to heaven

You forgive my blindness
Now in heaven we live in happiness
Forever and ever
Thanks for the memories you unfolded

Waiting For The Morning Sun
Dying, crying, falling to the floor
She bled as she crawled
Her last dying wish to see the morning sun once more

Whispering in silence, into the darkness
All our fears inside us, brought to life to teach us
There are many worlds to explore

The whispering voice travelled on
Do you prey in the night for the morning sun
While trying to survive this nightmarish life
Waiting for a new day to dawn

Don’t close your eyes now baby, your dreams will turn to dust
Don’t close your eyes now baby, wait until the morning sun

Laid in the puddle of her own blood
Coughing up more as her fears drew close
Carrying her death with each step on this earth
As her soul begun to raise

Don’t close your eyes now baby, your dreams will turn to dust
Don’t close your eyes now baby, wait until the morning sun

She felt to her side, grasping a gun
Pulling the trigger on all of her fears
One by one they fell merging with her soul
As the morning sun touched her face once more

Now close your eyes now baby, your dreams will all be good
Now close your eyes now baby, the morning light has come

Her soul spread wings and drifted away
Her lifeless body still smiling
As the morning light burned bright

Now close your eyes now baby, your dreams will all be good
Now close your eyes now baby, the morning light has come

Her eyes closed tight a tear lived on
Slipped into the blood forming a baby from hope
A baby boy carried away, her body still remains
In the place that she lay, smiling at the touch of the morning sun

Don’t close your now baby. Your life as just begun
Don’t close your now baby, you’re here to carry her memories on


Tif Now in heaven smiling down on us

Your left our side
Knocked on heavens door
Stepped through pearly gates
Into the afterworld

I stood by your shell
Not wanting to leave
Staring at your after-remains
Hoping you’d breath
Just one more time
Till I said my goodbye

Instand you lay still
No breathe came or went
Motionless you lay
Your soul lost to the clouds

Tears of sorrow
Flowed down my face
And fall to the floor
Of this hurt strucken place

Tonight they took my friend
From this world
She didn’t even deserve to go
Guess now we will never know
What other greatness she would of brought
Into lifes on this world

Instand she looks down
On the people she adores
Wishing happiness
To all that she knows

Knowing in time
We’ll both meet again
In the paradise above
Named the heavens of love

There we would sit
On soft white clouds
Id admire your wings
You been an angel after all

There we would laugh
As we catched up on time
No tears of pain
To be spilt anymore
Just happiness
Forever and forever more

As all our friend we once knew on earth
Join us one at a time
As the years travel by
Building this heavenly family

And there we would stay
Happy forever
Never leaving each other again
Not having to fear

Now still on earth
I wait for that day
When we create the family
Which will last forever…


Daylight vanished
Night time lurked behind
Stars dotted into sight
Pearly gates opened wide

Angels hurried by
Carried a child
With the blood of god
Down to earth below

This child to walk the streets
Touch the poor
Feed the weak
Give life to those who weep

Given to a mother
In a barn in the night
Three holy man
Holding presents
For this child of peace

A star shone bright
Outside this barn
This light
That brought many from all around

The child named
Grew very old and wise
And gave happiness to those in pain

Then carried a cross up a hill
Nailed to this wood
With a throne worn crown
Died slowly in front of all

Now buried in a tomb
Came back to life
On the day he said
Now he walked the earth again
Given peace to all that believed…

Silent Hell

Rotting corpses
Death sickened air
Lost in a world
Of nightmarish dreams

Searching for answers
To this terrible place
Where all of fear
Roams around free

Death brings the dream to an end
Woken up in the normal world again
How many times will I awake from death?
When will death be then end?

Slipping in between these worlds
Now wondering which is my own
My dreams are the key
To this terrible occurring place
IF I should die will it come to an end?

I pick up my gun
Reload the bullets
Ready again
To fight my fears

Created by me
Brought upon others
One way out
Is to get to the end

Will I find it?
Or will this dream reoccur
Forever and ever…


Before My Time Comes


Sat here all alone
Waiting for my time to come
Exploring all my thoughts inside
That takes me into my past life

One memory stays clear in mind
Not fading like the rest from sight
This memory of love within
Wanting to be the last thought
Before my time comes
And I join the angels above

Reasons why I wait for death
All because my hearts now dead
Waiting for my soul to move on
And leave my dying shell all alone

Id be looking down on the girl I loved
As she lived without me
Trapped in tears and fears
Just crying and wanting to hold me

Sipping on a cool cold beer
Chilling in heaven
With the other hurt fellas
Laughing at the pain we caused
As our loved ones join us up above

Sick And Tired Of Been ALone

Sitting down upon the sidewalk, opened eyed to all around
Remembering all this pain you caused me, and all the hurt that swarms deep down
Smoking on my cigarette wondering where my life went wrong
The smoke slowly choking my insides as I sit here all alone

Im sick and tired of been so lonely,
Im sick and tired of life
Im sick and tired of been so lonely,
Why can’t you see the pain I hide inside

The sunlight hits the fading moon turning night to day
As I sit here on this sidewalk preying for the pain to subside
But the pain inside my soul still stays the same way
As I keep smoking on my cigarette the smoke choking my life away!

Im sick and tired of been so lonely,
Im sick and tired of life
Im sick and tired of been so lonely,
Why can’t you see the pain I hide inside

As the days flow past my eyes, I sit here crying my life away
Wishing you were here with me
Instant of up there on heavens plains looking down on me

Im sick and tired of been this way
Im sick and tired without no love
Im sick and tired of been so lonely
So ill come and join you up above

The sunlight hits the fading sun turning night to day
The sidewalk seems to fade from me as I grow wings and float away
In heaven you wait for me kiss my lips as I join thee

Now im happy you’re here with me
Our love with light the way
Now im happy you’re here with me
And im here to stay!


Forever Love

My soul cries in the darkness within
Calling for you to be with me again
My heart weeps in sorrow now your gone

A distant voice echoes through my mind
Memories of you repeating as I cry
Close my eyes felt you hold me tight

Calming my sorrows deep inside
Sending happiness flowing once more
As we kiss you fade away just a memory
As I wake all alone dried tears on my face

I know in heaven you wait for me
Looking down as my life goes on
My memories of you still repeating
With every step I take alone
Till the day I die an unhappy man

Just waiting and waiting till my time comes
Wanting your touch to keep me warm
In heaven will shall be together again
A prefect love forever happiness shining down on us