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Poetry From Second Year

Written within the age of mixed thoughts

Through A Blind Womans Eyes



Blinded from the moment
She entered this world of many emotions
Not seeing her creators
Or the pain and hurt that floats through this world
Destroying all the happiness that now hides

Not been able to see this terrible sight
That affect peoples Minds
Trapping them in reoccurring thoughts
Of the pain they have suffered
From terrible experiences only viewed by eyes

They will see it everyday
Till their forgotten deaths
Flow over the world rejoining the current
Within the earth itself
The river of life that makes new borns arise

But in senses…

The blind woman’s Artificial eyes
Not needing real eyes
To feel the pain and hurt inside
That this world brings to every living thing

The smell of death lingers in the air
Also the smell of blood that many hold
Upon their skins tore abused

Also in touch…

The tightness of the grip upon her arms
Sends signals to the mind
Telling them if the person infront
Is kind, or an evil twisted soul?
Set lose upon this world
To be the hatred that fights the Happiness

Soon she will find her love
The one to bring her the happiness
That anyone would adore
A child, a gift from her to the side of happiness
Keeping hope alive for the goodness of this world

Her child born with eyes that see
The creator that could never see back
Yet the child smiles and becomes her eyes
And the blind woman smiles inside

The angel, her child she brought to this world
Will bring her happiness
By fighting off the shadows of the night
And teaching her that things
Do matter in this world of Hatred and pain
Only the happiness inside…

The flows of life

Take me alone, along that path I walk
Into the light, beyond the sun

Soon death will call
Taking my soul to the underworld
And im just waiting to go

My life filled with darkness
Shadowing over me
This shadow of hatred
Preventing me from happiness
As I walk the path of sorrow and despair

I question the gods
Ask for a reason why
Why! Do they hurt me so?

The answer I still await
Not knowing if it will come
Or if the gods exist
In the skies above

Take me now oh might one!
Take my pain from where it lays
And set me free to heavens gates

Or is it the devil that hears my pleads
The one that stopped me from happiness
And waits for me to join his race
Of forgotten souls that cast death upon the world

Into the underworld I shall go
If the gods in heaven do not show
Who will I believe exists first?
Will it be the pain and hurt down below
Or the happiness out of reach for any mortal soul…

Lost Without You

Keep fighting, the darkness
Cast upon my soul, waiting for a touch
To shatter, my prison-trapped mind

Tears stream outwards, forming rivers of grief
Loneliness, grasping air that I breathe
A vessel awaits, a chance of escape

Dreams coat walls, as I travel back to mind
Images flickering, changing all the time
Still yet to discover, the meanings they hide

A distant memory, flickers into sight
The image frozen still, stuck in time
There you walk, barefoot brushing the dust
Past the scattered roses, a blood stained floor

As you approach, my palms flow sweat
Breathing heavily, eyes closed tight
Wanting your touch, yet pushing you away

You’re the reason, I feel this pain inside
Yet you still, keep my soul alive
The hatred I feel, a forgotten memory
brought back to life, each time i try to reclaim
The feelings of happiness, which covers the pain inside...

Mind Of Another Explored

Flowed leafs of gold, blowed within
Through blacked bark sickened trees
to gashing white rapided seas.

Taken, kidnapped, grasped hand
Trapped leaf crushed to dust
absorbed journey, memories taken.

Clear blue skies erupted; an eagle cried a call
Trees once a blackish bark, reborn turned brown
Oldness before, youthed past life explored.

Rivers flowed steady, calmness flooded seas
Loved cherished, a mind that wondered free
Unlike mine, blacked bark tree prisoned mind.

Truth Can't Lie

Shadowed truth, brightened
Brought to life, an explosion
Tender kiss, pressed universal
Thoughts in mind unyet spoken.

Eyes linked, absorbed abstruse minds
No needed lies, truth inescapable
Souls fused indisputable.

Words spoken, touched lips denied
Articulate in mind, examined telepathically
Lover assailing thoughts granted passage.


Called out, without sound
Grasped air, breathed within
Touched soul, injected love.

Running, scarped floored veins
Whispered thought, delivered
Information unfolded, answer deported.

Hidden feeling, released
Unleashed weakness
Vulnerable attack inevitable.

Emotion swamped mind
Cover coated sweet desire
Lust awaited lies blinder of the eye.

Ugliness covered beauty or
Beauty covered ugliness
Tricky minded dilemma.
An angel feather, Floated heavenly skies
Down to a touch, maiden’s hand grasped tight
Trapped little feather of a forgotten life
Angels feather from heaven a blessing tonight.

Opened hand, the feather replaced
Glowing light of thoughts trapped in place
An image, a face, brought to life on this plain.

Dreamer stared back feather appeared back
Blown from hand, into the occurring thought
Floated round lovers calmed covered dream.

Angel feather turned to white dust
Breathed within, flowed through veins
Healed wounded hearts, ready to please
Rested little feather remembered forever.

As You Stare Into My Eyes
As you stare into my eyes
An undiscovered world explodes inside
Plains of happiness and joy
Flood into our minds.

In this world inside
Under starry moonlit skies
Angels cry heavenly tears
As we dance in this new found rain.

As you stare into my eyes
You see my thoughts inside
A smile spread across wide
As you kiss my lips tonight.

Teardrops run down my face
As you fade from my sight
Rejoining angels in heaven
Last goodbye said and spoken

As you looked into my eyes
You left me happiness and joy
Rest well in heavenly skies
And ill dream that world inside…
False Oldness Granted
Beauty Hidden face, make-up clotted
Lies foretold, false image unfolded
New person in place, no innocence’s sensed.

Child grown old, future given out
Aged still of young, lying Beauty telling old
Mind decaying, blind to old covered youth.

Pity the souls, grasping false beauty
Unaware a child exists underneath this age
Drunken intoxicated mind, disillusioned

Child inside forever lost, underage sex
Granted, drunken tear sparked eyes
Innocence exchanged, grow life claimed

Unknown child, slowly formed within
Pained stomach, exposed unwanted truth
That night of drunken madness produced
Child with a father, that cannot be named
Desire And Guilt
Fighting consuming darkness
Constantly dwelling on ones mind
Shattered dreams arise, favoured covered lies.

Tear sparkled river formed
Essence of grief, drawn water
Flowed lingering thoughts to rest.

Vessel hoped, passageways collided
Many paths to one, linked truth
Image flickered thoughts remained.

Distant memory coated wall
Drenched, blood stained rose scattered ground
Smeared with, bare light footsteps.

Sweated palmed hands, leaked out fear
Breath, tangled rusted choked within
Eyes drained, tears vanquished overruled.

Nearer footsteps draw, sounded pounded echoes
Your touch scorched, burnt skin flutters unbearable air
Wrenched in your scent, the man killer substance.

Flirted comment pasted, game begun
Gentle kiss, a lie forced upon a soul
A rush of guilt and lust combined shame.

Memory faded, cleared mind, flushed
Extinguished-smoke, poison spilt out cloud
Emptiness, filled new thought, corrodes.

Rinoas Dance
Leant upon sandy covered stone
Glancing at the floor
A young man with a scar
Stands feeling all alone

An waitress stops and asks
“Would you like a drink”
He grasps it in his hand saying
“Thanks” and smiling for a while
As he looked around the dance floor
Watching the happy couples

There stood a girl alone
Eyes searching round the room
She spots him looking over
holding a finger in the air

She walks on over to his side asking
“Would you like to dance”
He replied looking nervously shy
“ I can't dance…”
But she grabbed his hand
And pulled him to the dance floor
As he stumbled along

He looked into her eyes
As she put his hand to her side
And began to dance as the music played
But after a while they stopped
After bumping into the others

She winked at him and held him close
And started to slow dance
To the new romantic sounds

He looked through the glassy roof
At the starry night
Thinking weather he should kiss her tonight
Before he could decide
She walked from his side
And left him to stand
On this dance floor all alone
Rinoas plain
Cloudy blue skies
Spread across a grass covered plain
Where a young girl stands
Looking over this beautiful place.

She stares with wonderous eyes
As a feather floats around
Falling downwards to the ground
Gently landing in her palm.

Closing this feather within her hand
Holding a piece of heavens land.

She spreads her imaginary wings
And learns to fly
Arms held to sides
Soaring through this plain of joy.





Angel Cried A Tear

An angel cries a tear
Which drops to mother earth
A heavenly shooting star
Appears from out of nowhere.

Flowing through the clouds of gold
The tear travels on
A lonely child sits crying
Hurt and all alone

The tear joins her tears
Travelling up the stream
Flowing to her heart within
Setting happiness free.

She stands on grassy plains
Spreading imaginary angel wings
Running around in circles
Arms held out to sides
Smiling now not crying
What a beautiful sight.

True Love (Two Lovers Crime)

Laid on distant plains, a garden of love
Angels strayed, hidden from us
Little blue birds sung, soothing tunes
True Love walked hand in hand.

Sun soon faded, night exposed
Invaded light, cast aside
Under star covered skies
Tangled, shadows come one.

Low pleasure cried, lovers entwined
Showed affections, in a form of fun
A shared kiss, spread the constant release
Feelings flowed, surface covered lust.

Angel covered eyes, shred teary disbelieve
Mother earth soiled, for all could see
But lovers walked on angel tears turned rain
Poured down rebirthing, soil sickened grounds