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Poetry From My First Year


Life? So meaningless
Out of place
Empty shells
Walking on
This God forsaken
Plain of existents

Souls searching
The wastelands
For signs
Signs of love
That will allow
Of the two
As one

A whispered longing
To be set free
From all this
Hurt and misery

Desiring the need
Of blood
Running through
There souls
Bringing life
To their hearts
Causing them
To breathe
Life into this world again.


Thoughts they travel afar, to places beyond the skies,
And Places deep down inside,

To dreams

The dreams I hold inside


Wishing that life was happy and long
Instand of the path to what I belong
The path of the hurt and wounded

The one that leads to Sorrow and hurt

The dreams tell my tales
Tales of love I wish belonged to me
Tales of things I wish I could become
Tales of happiness I long to holds in my hands

Like seeds it drains away thought the gaps
Slowly losing that what I once held
Hoping it would land in the emptiness inside
And grow into the paths of tomorrow

So many paths inside tangled in the web of life
As the paths ive walked fade from sight
Another’s grow in the places I have yet to tread
Spreading out on paths of future life’s to be told

My thoughts travel back to my mind
Telling me I have yet to find
The answers to the questions of life

But one thing I know…

The paths I walk lead to my own little doom.

The Release

So evil yet,
Wait so dark
Surrounded by light
The blade shimmers in
Moonlit skies

Slowly pressed
Into flesh
So tender so light
Cutting the
Veins of life

The blood of life
Into the streams
Travelling all around
What paths will it chose
What dreams will it unfold?

Will it travel through the nights?
Search for answers
No one seems to find
Come out into the light
With the questions
Still in mind?


Tangled souls
Embraced as one
The flow from
Which life began

Far and wide
To places
Many hide

Dreams, thoughts,
Calling within
Drawing souls
To there

Till the death
Of decaying shells
The souls remain
In prison cells

Flowing inside
Surrounding hearts
With flames of life

Bringing love
That keeps them alive
Without it
They would surely die

Knowing many hide
There feelings inside
They push
To the surfaces
The feelings they hide

Hoping that
One day
Love will travel
Deep inside
So they can feed
And stay alive

Till there days of freedom
They serve the shell
They do call humans

Who’s minds
Need souls
To live
And souls need
Love within…

Soul, body, and Mind

Fears, unleashed
This world of pain

Surrounded by
Troubled minds
Calling out
To someone close

“Help me!”
The words echoing
Into distance troubles

Darkness closes in
In there own little worlds

Souls drift away
Not needed
Empty shells remain
Littering the floors

The souls
Drift onwards
To the heavens
For their shells
To awaken
From troubled minds

The shells lay
Searching for
A way to escape

Wondering through
There worlds inside
Watching the questions
Come to life
And answers jumping
Into their minds

Finally all is clear
The minds awake
With questions answered
Souls return once more

Flowing through the veins
Leaking life
Back into
Lifeless bodies

Bringing back to life
The heart
With a touch of flame
On it’s burnt out candle

The heart burns fiercely
And warmth
Floods the body once more

The souls been the life-force
That brings
The motionless bodies
To Life

And the Lifeless bodies
The carries of souls
To the end
Of there decaying lifes

Trapped in the forest Of Thoughts

Deep inside myself

Thoughts travel…
Travel to the forests I made within
Leaves blow gentle
Over the earthly floors
Towards my deepest secrets
Where even I dare not tread nomore

Afraid of the waking terrible thoughts
That will haunt me again
Till I am once again nomore
Just an empty shell in this world of my own

Trapped within the walls formed from trees
My own little prison cell made…
Is it to keep me safe?
Or to ensure I don’t go beyond
To places where my answers shall unfold

No need for questions
For the forbidden place beyond my prison
Never know what would unfold
If I broke out of my prison
Keeping me blinded from truth
While keeping me safe all the same

Dreams Hidden Truth

Dreams I have of you
Standing out under moonlit skies
Soaking up the rays of light
Like the love that
Intoxicates are lives

Alas fantasy ends,
I reach reality again
Where happiness is drained from my soul
Like blood?
Blood dripping from ones heart
Into that pit
Of sorrow and despair

Whats life without you
A single obeying ordered doom
Are minds calling out for change?
Anything to run from that fate

My lasting Escape
Are the dreams in the night?
Reloading my mind
Into the world of fools
Those that are blinded by
there fake realties

Hoping for their dreams to come true
And their souls to grab hold
Of that fake hope
Longing that once it has started
The truth will flow to mind

And they will awake to find
That the dreams cannot become true
Knowing that they themselves
Have to brings dreams to life

By learning from dreams
They will know what to do
To turn the dreams inside
To realities of today
And make their souls rest
And hates begin to play

Life Covered With Truth And Lies


Surround by lies
Lies been the dreams
Visited at night
Worldwide by fools
Who need a world of escape?


How shall one find truth?
If we live in dreams
And reality becomes untrue

The dreams which slowly fade
Into reality itself
Busy minds not caring that there world
Is just a fantasy spread out wide?
All over the surface of there thoughts

If one should die in there own little world
Would they vanish from sight?
Appear in reality
Just a empty shell without a soul?


Surrounded by truth
The two swam together
If one did not exist
Nor would the other

Like souls that flow
Through veins
Vessels to the mind
A information highway
Waiting to be explored

If souls did not exist
The mind would not live
For one needs the other
To survive

And all in the world
We are covered with opposites
One that pains the other
Maybe we are dreaming this world
Or maybe it is dream the dream of us…

As dreams fades
Was it the lies in the dreams I believe?
Or the truths in the world that I see

How should one know?
If realities a dream
Or just a story
That slowly unfolds

Souls confused
Which one to chose?
Dreams serve us too well
Fooling the mind
No one can tell
If any of the dreams are reality
Or Reality is just a mere dream
Loving You Helping you Through

Feelings flowing within, breaking surfaces
Filling me with strange sensations

My heart calls out, whispers your name
The winds, carrying it along the waves
Hoping, it will find its way to your mind

Suddenly within, your misty blue eyes
Blinds my darkness inside, flooding my mind
Opening my heart, entering my soul

Staring back, sending the love I hold
Flowing towards you, is the love I hold for you

Your whitish skin, so soft, so tender, so light
Covered in, silks of passion

Laid upon the bed or red roses, awaiting my touch
Surrounded by the flicker of an eternal burning candlelight

You’re blackish-red hair, brush against your cheeks
Flowing over tears, covering the grief you wish you never had

Longing for that someone to hold, as tears start once more
So gentle, so light, I wipe your tears of hurt away

You wrap your arms tight, around me tonight
As I whisper, I love you and everything’s alright

Holding you close, letting our souls merge as one
Feelings join together, our love for one another
Overpowers the pain inside your grief inside

Waiting for sleep, which will flow through my veins
And travel to our minds, fading into the world inside
Born Into A world Of Hate

Newly born into this world
Not knowing
The pain and sorrow
Yet to infest there souls

New eyes preying
Into darkness
Searching for answers
To first questions in minds
Waiting for future truths
To unfold

Covered with lies
Blinded by
The happiness
Forced upon there souls

Soon to change
To pain and suffering
After longing for love fades
With every step they take

They find themselves
Wanting that love back
Once forced
Into there weakened minds
Now knowing
They have to find
There own
Little happiness
So they can keep
There souls

Time travels along
Soon they find the world
To be there own
Little hell
Burning with rage
They destroy themselves
Till souls travel on
And the shells rot
To dust
And the dust becomes
The newly formed hate
Soon to penetrate
Newly born souls



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