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Many Years Of poetry

Like i've said before ive been writing poetry for four years, All started when someone wrote a poem for me and i begun to mess around with it and improved it. Noticed i could create a poem easily didnt really require me to think much and they turned out good. So thats why i became a poet to express myself in more ways that one.

Poetry is a key

Poetry unlocks so many doors inside its more freely useable than words. In words you'd sit there trying to think of the words to say (talking to yourself) in poetry you don't have to rush words it can come in a day,week,month or even a year or longer it doesnt matter. Poetry is a great thing to learn how to do. And if your male it kinda improves your sensative side.


My poetry Friend

My poetry friend that writes just as good as me is called ally. Shes always saying im the better poet i was just born to write it. Her poetry affects me the same way mine affects  her. Truthfully all poets are equally good different ideas different themes. Catch the right moment and you got yourself a top class poem.

One of Allys Poems

Another Time, Another Place

Cocooned in this self inflicted misery,
I'm not sure if your indifference towards me
Is real or imagined.
I lay my soul bare to you and hope for....
I don't even know anymore.
It's time for me to go now,
For good, I think.
My life's become a mausoleum
And I've become a ghost,
Merely drifting through the present,
Haunted by the shadows of the past.
But in a testament to all I hold dear,
I will become the person I always hoped I would be,
My esteem is low but my aspirations are high,
And in this maelstrom of mixed emotions
I'm confident I can summon the effort
To redeem myself,
To end this masquerade.
I can't erase you from my memory,
But I can destroy your photographs..
Delete the songs that remind me of you..
Avoid the places we used to meet..
Until the pain becomes bearable
And the yearning becomes less.
But think of me sometimes
As I will of you.
I'm not sorry we met,
Nor am I sorry for all that transpired,
I just wish we'd met
In another time, another place.